You may be facing a criminal case, DUI, theft, or other charges. Hence you are looking for a great criminal lawyer to hire. It is not easy to choose who to hire in Darwin, one because there are so many options of lawyers willing and available to render their service, and two, your decision can make or break not only the decision to your case but your future as well.

Just to make your decision making a little easier, below are a few of the tips you can consider when choosing a lawyer do defend your criminal case.

Trust your instinct

Yes, it is you and only you who can decide who to hire. Speak to all your prospect lawyers and find who among them gives you the confidence and comfort talking to. Choosing the best lawyer in Darwin may not always be the right choice, as choosing the best and most suitable for you is.

It is important that the criminal lawyer you will hire understands your situation and addresses your emotions as well. The lawyer should be someone who you understand and explain your options in layman’s terms.

Facing a criminal charge is never easy, hence finding a lawyer that can make things lighter for you is a must.

Choose the lawyer that has the right experience handling cases like yours

Make sure that the lawyer you will hire specialises in your case. Hiring a highly reputable and knowledgeable DUI lawyer may not be ideal if you are facing theft. Consider experience based on the actual cases they handled and not the length of time they are working as a lawyer.

If you are planning to go to a law firm to seek legal assistance, make sure that you are specific about the details about your case so they can refer you to the right lawyer to handle your case.

Know the criminal lawyer’s entire team

Even how good and experienced the lawyer is, there is no way for him/her to handle your case alone. Make sure that you also know the team working with him/her, know their experience and background as well. They are the people who will represent you in case your lawyer gets sick or had an emergency.

You must ask your lawyer to introduce you to them and let you know which part of your case they will step in.

Check references

You are not the first person in the world who committed the offence you committed. Asking references for your family and friends is a good idea when looking for a criminal lawyer in Darwin to hire.

If no one from your circle can provide recommendations, you can ask the lawyer him/herself if he/she can provide you with references you can call. They may not provide you with a long list of people you may contact as they follow confidentiality protocol, but needless to say, if they provided you with a few, call them.

When calling, make sure to introduce yourself and let them know the purpose of your call immediately so they would not feel their privacy is invaded.

Book a time with a criminal lawyer in Darwin to help you out with your legal issues.


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