Many people on the Gold Coast rightfully think that becoming a part of a body corporate frees them from the mundane tasks of property maintenance and upkeep.

It is true that investing in a residential complex in Gold Coast also gains the benefit of having a body corporate manager Gold Coast to take care of everything related to the property.

Yet, what exactly does a body corporate manager Gold Coast do?


Ensure Legislation and Regulation compliance

A body corporate manager Gold Coast ensures compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations. Staying on top of the ever-changing regulations and legislation is an important responsibility provided by a body corporate manager Gold Coast.

Meeting deadlines and compliance are proactively ensured by a body corporate manager for the property to remain relevant. Often, consulting with property owners regarding compliance is sought after by a body corporate manager. However, it remains the sole duty of the body corporate manager to ensure compliance with all property laws and regulations.


Draft and enforce rules

By-laws or House Rules are part and parcel of any strata property. Drafting and enforcing house rules is the job of the manager. The body corporate committee also help to enforce the rules drafted by the manager. The rules provided by the manager have to be strictly followed by all tenants and owners of the complex.


Take care of all the paperwork related to the strata scheme

A mountain of paperwork is brought on when it comes to strata management. The thorough documentation from maintenance work and safety inspection reports alone can produce a great deal of paperwork.

Property owners are required to review and discuss some of the paperwork from time to time. However, it is the responsibility of the body corporate manager to handle the bulk of the paperwork.


Maintain reports and accounts

Managing a body corporate similarly works to managing a corporation or business. Their similar functions involving accurate records and accounts work just like managing a business. The body corporate manager manages all accounts and reports to ensure the smooth running of the strata scheme.


Take care of meetings

Meetings play an important part in the running of a body corporate. It is the job of a body corporate manager to call for a meeting to discuss new developments or resolve issues.

General Meetings and an Annual General Meeting are the two important meetings that are organised and announced by the body corporate manager. Emergencies  could also compel a body corporate manager to call ad hoc meetings. Pre-determined meetings are also called throughout the year as a way to address financial and administrative matters.

Maintaining key documentation and recording the minutes of meetings also fall under the responsibility of the body corporate manager. Achieving optimum outcomes is gained with the proper scheduling of meetings throughout the year.



Top qualities to look for when hiring a Body Corporate Manager


Some of the required skills to look for when hiring a body corporate manager include:


Duty-bound and responsible

Taking responsibility for their expected duties is a good quality to see in a manager. However, ensuring that the manager does not overstep the boundaries should be clearly outlined in the agreement.

Excellent organisational skills

The complexity of the manager’s duties means that a highly organised individual with a working system is the one to go for.


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