What are the Responsibilities of a Body Corporate Manager Gold Coast?

Many people on the Gold Coast rightfully think that becoming a part of a body corporate frees them from the mundane tasks of property maintenance and upkeep.

It is true that investing in a residential complex in Gold Coast also gains the benefit of having a body corporate manager Gold Coast to take care of everything related to the property.

Yet, what exactly does a body corporate manager Gold Coast do?


Ensure Legislation and Regulation compliance

A body corporate manager Gold Coast ensures compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations. Staying on top of the ever-changing regulations and legislation is an important responsibility provided by a body corporate manager Gold Coast.

Meeting deadlines and compliance are proactively ensured by a body corporate manager for the property to remain relevant. Often, consulting with property owners regarding compliance is sought after by a body corporate manager. However, it remains the sole duty of the body corporate manager to ensure compliance with all property laws and regulations.


Draft and enforce rules

By-laws or House Rules are part and parcel of any strata property. Drafting and enforcing house rules is the job of the manager. The body corporate committee also help to enforce the rules drafted by the manager. The rules provided by the manager have to be strictly followed by all tenants and owners of the complex.


Take care of all the paperwork related to the strata scheme

A mountain of paperwork is brought on when it comes to strata management. The thorough documentation from maintenance work and safety inspection reports alone can produce a great deal of paperwork.

Property owners are required to review and discuss some of the paperwork from time to time. However, it is the responsibility of the body corporate manager to handle the bulk of the paperwork.


Maintain reports and accounts

Managing a body corporate similarly works to managing a corporation or business. Their similar functions involving accurate records and accounts work just like managing a business. The body corporate manager manages all accounts and reports to ensure the smooth running of the strata scheme.


Take care of meetings

Meetings play an important part in the running of a body corporate. It is the job of a body corporate manager to call for a meeting to discuss new developments or resolve issues.

General Meetings and an Annual General Meeting are the two important meetings that are organised and announced by the body corporate manager. Emergencies  could also compel a body corporate manager to call ad hoc meetings. Pre-determined meetings are also called throughout the year as a way to address financial and administrative matters.

Maintaining key documentation and recording the minutes of meetings also fall under the responsibility of the body corporate manager. Achieving optimum outcomes is gained with the proper scheduling of meetings throughout the year.



Top qualities to look for when hiring a Body Corporate Manager


Some of the required skills to look for when hiring a body corporate manager include:


Duty-bound and responsible

Taking responsibility for their expected duties is a good quality to see in a manager. However, ensuring that the manager does not overstep the boundaries should be clearly outlined in the agreement.

Excellent organisational skills

The complexity of the manager’s duties means that a highly organised individual with a working system is the one to go for.


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Solutions to help you fix the black screen issue

If your Samsung screen has gone black without any , it could be a result of a system crash. Maybe your phone is an outdated Android version or the battery has drained completely. There are several ways you can get rid of the black screen without having any technical know how.

 Why your screen has gone black?

There is not one single cause of the black screen. However, it could be due to an error which occurs for a number of reasons. Insufficient storage, incompatible apps can all lead the system to crash resulting in the phone going dead.

Insufficient storage can lead to a system crash. However the device could have insufficient storage or stop responding resulting in the screen becoming unresponsive.

If you do not update your mobile for a long time, there is a chance that the system might become unresponsive. Hardware failure like liquid damage is also one of the reasons why your screen will turn black.

Fixing the black screen with help from Samsung mobile repair technicians

Cleaning the charging port is sometimes all that is required for getting rid of the black screen. Clean the phone charging port and let it dry before trying to open your phone again.

You can also remove the phone battery and then reinsert it. Chances are that the screen will start working again.

Sometimes an SD card can be incompatible with your Samsung device. You can try removing the SD card to see whether it is causing the black screen.

If the Samsung device has a non removable battery, you can wait until the battery drains completely and then charge it again. The software problems could cause the Samsung mobile phone to die. A simple reboot could restore the device to a normal start.

Hard reset the phone by pressing the power button and volume button down simultaneously for more than 7 seconds. This might restart the device and get the screen working again.

Another cause of the black screen would be improper LCD connections. However, you need more of a technical know how to rectify this issue. You will need to remove the back cover of the mobile and press the phone on all sides while pressing the front and back together. If the LCD connection was the cause, this will help get the phone working again. You might need to take the device to an authorized dealer to reset the connection properly.

You can try a factory reset on your Samsung phone. Sometimes incompatible apps mess up the software. Go for the factory reset.

If all of these methods do not work you will need to contact the Samsung support center. Visit the nearest center and get help from a professional mobile technician.

Fixing the black screen issue on your own might not be possible. To avoid data loss when you encounter issues like a black screen you will need to back up your device regularly. Also, turn to reliable Samsung mobile repairs.

Tips To Follow When Choosing A Criminal Lawyer In Darwin To Hire

You may be facing a criminal case, DUI, theft, or other charges. Hence you are looking for a great criminal lawyer to hire. It is not easy to choose who to hire in Darwin, one because there are so many options of lawyers willing and available to render their service, and two, your decision can make or break not only the decision to your case but your future as well.

Just to make your decision making a little easier, below are a few of the tips you can consider when choosing a lawyer do defend your criminal case.

Trust your instinct

Yes, it is you and only you who can decide who to hire. Speak to all your prospect lawyers and find who among them gives you the confidence and comfort talking to. Choosing the best lawyer in Darwin may not always be the right choice, as choosing the best and most suitable for you is.

It is important that the criminal lawyer you will hire understands your situation and addresses your emotions as well. The lawyer should be someone who you understand and explain your options in layman’s terms.

Facing a criminal charge is never easy, hence finding a lawyer that can make things lighter for you is a must.

Choose the lawyer that has the right experience handling cases like yours

Make sure that the lawyer you will hire specialises in your case. Hiring a highly reputable and knowledgeable DUI lawyer may not be ideal if you are facing theft. Consider experience based on the actual cases they handled and not the length of time they are working as a lawyer.

If you are planning to go to a law firm to seek legal assistance, make sure that you are specific about the details about your case so they can refer you to the right lawyer to handle your case.

Know the criminal lawyer’s entire team

Even how good and experienced the lawyer is, there is no way for him/her to handle your case alone. Make sure that you also know the team working with him/her, know their experience and background as well. They are the people who will represent you in case your lawyer gets sick or had an emergency.

You must ask your lawyer to introduce you to them and let you know which part of your case they will step in.

Check references

You are not the first person in the world who committed the offence you committed. Asking references for your family and friends is a good idea when looking for a criminal lawyer in Darwin to hire.

If no one from your circle can provide recommendations, you can ask the lawyer him/herself if he/she can provide you with references you can call. They may not provide you with a long list of people you may contact as they follow confidentiality protocol, but needless to say, if they provided you with a few, call them.

When calling, make sure to introduce yourself and let them know the purpose of your call immediately so they would not feel their privacy is invaded.

Book a time with a criminal lawyer in Darwin to help you out with your legal issues.


Bankruptcy Advice- Solid advice for dealing with bankruptcy issues

Never does anyone ever imagine going bankrupt. However, circumstances become such that a person hs no option but to file for bankruptcy. During this stage people often find themselves bewildered and clueless regarding their next course of action. In such instances it is hard to even imagine filing for bankruptcy.

It should be known that any knowledge which you can gain regarding the complete bankruptcy procedure would only come in handy. You should have all the knowledge regarding your rights and issues which can help you get out of problematic situations. This knowledge would help you pick up the pieces and get your life back on track.

It should be kept in mind that bankruptcy is not a viable option for everyone. So whether you should go bankrupt or not depends upon a variety of factors. If you want to know where to find bankruptcy advise, simply read on.


What are the advantages of filing for bankruptcy?

Once the bankruptcy order is over, which might take around a year or so, you can start a new life. However, the following are a few other advantages of claiming bankruptcy:

  • You don’t have to deal with the pressure any more. The idea of not dealing with your creditors anymore can bring a great deal of relief.
  • You can keep at least a few of the house hold goods that you possess, also you can keep a few the things like a certain amount of cash.
  • Once the bankruptcy order has been passed the creditors would have to stop bothering you for handing their loan back.
  • Normally the money that you owe is written off.

What are the disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy?

In order to declare bankruptcy you have to pay a certain amount of cash. The following are a few other disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy.

  • If you still have an income and if it’s sufficient enough you would have to make payments to your creditors for the next three years.
  • Getting credit can be a tad bit difficult. You may need at least six years of solid credit rating before you can actually ask for a loan or get one.
  • If you own a home you may have to sell it off to pay all your debts. This means you would have to find a residence as a tenant.
  • Any luxury items that you own and your car would have to be sold off.
  • You could be at risk for losing all your pension savings.
  • It can also have a direct impact on your immigration status
  • Your bankruptcy would be published publicly. This means if you have kept your current status hidden from friends and far off family, they would come to know about it as well. For someone people it can be socially embarrassing.

Bankruptcy doesn’t last more than a year. Once it’s over you would be notified about it. All the debts which haven’t been paid yet are waived off.





How to conduct a customer survey

Tips to take the pulse of your business customers

According to William Schatten, Vice President, Research and Analysis, for Toronto-based Forum Research Inc. , customer surveys help you get valuable information about what customers like or do not like. Whether you’re launching a new product or service, or wanting to assess customer satisfaction, Mr. Schatten tells us what to do or avoid to get the most out of your surveys.

1. Choose online surveys.

For small business owners, online questionnaires, unlike telephone surveys, in person or on paper, are the easiest and the most economical, says Schatten. “With a paper form, you could ask clients to complete the survey at your company, otherwise you have to send it by mail and ask for it back,” he adds. “Then you have to transfer the results to a computer, which results in costs. “

Easy-to-use and effective (and often free) online tools like SurveyGizmo , Checkbox or SurveyMonkey will help you design your survey and analyze the results yourself.

2. Formulate your questions carefully.

“Preparing a questionnaire requires science and art,” says Schatten, whose company employs a full team for questioning. “Science is about getting the right data for analysis. The art is to write the questions in a very precise way to make sure that you are not influencing anyone, that there is nothing confusing, and that the questions are not biased or ambivalent. Results from poorly formulated questions can mislead you into making bad decisions. “

Open-ended questions (requiring more than a “yes” or “no” answer) provide more detailed answers, while multiple-choice or ranked questions (eg, “on a scale 1-10”) Allows you to quickly obtain demographic or percentage information.

No matter the format, the poll must be short. “The longer it takes, the less people will want to answer it. Five minutes of their time is not an exaggerated demand, “says Schatten, who also warns about incentives that could affect the validity of responses. “Respondents can complete the survey only to get the incentive. “

Check out the results.

The clearer the purpose of your survey, the easier the analysis will be (eg, do customers like or hate your new product?). It is also important to react to the answers. Use these valuable insights to assess customer satisfaction, encourage customer loyalty and other visits, launch the right products and services, or even just stay open on Fridays.

Similarly, it is a good idea to follow up with respondents or another client survey after any changes or improvements have been implemented to confirm that you are on the right track.

How to do a market study

You have a good idea for a small business, but how do you know if there is a market for your product or service? Do research. In other words, data collection and analysis, profitability, placement and price of what you sell, demographics, competitor information, daily earnings expectations, and trends in your business. industry that can change everything, better or worse.

Some companies benefit more from a feasibility study than others, says Mark Eversfield, market research analyst for Small Business BC where he runs seminars and webinars on this topic. “It’s more important to do a market research for a restaurant than for a journalist working at home,” he says, referring to various levels of risk. Here are five strategies to consider before the official opening of your business.

Secondary school first

Mr. Eversfield explains that there are two types of market research: primary and secondary. He always starts with the secondary study because it allows him to learn more about the primary study. “The secondary market study, which includes reports and market research or statistics, tells you what’s happening with your target market, your competition and the trends in your industry,” he says. This information is collected by trade associations and your local Chamber of Commerce, as well as government agencies such as Statistics Canada , BC Stats , the Conference Board of Canada and the Canada Business Network .

Also, visit your public and academic libraries with a periodic index, a powerful search tool that allows you to search content rather than keyword searches.

The primary then

The primary market study is information coming directly from the source: your potential customers. Mr. Eversfield recommends starting on social media to gather informal feedback by sending messages to your friends and colleagues, then to polls and focus groups.

SurveyMonkey , a free cloud questionnaire tool, allows you to create a custom survey. Do not forget to ask short, direct and relevant questions. Focus groups are more complex because you have to gather a reasonable number of people. Submit a draw or discount on the merchandise if you decide to use this method.

Where are the buyers?

You can offer the best product or service in town, but what will you do if your potential customers are in the city next door? Market research will tell you. “Suppose you want to open a bike shop,” says Eversfield. Your research shows that the number of bike stores has been declining over the past five years or that they have moved to a key location [organizations such as the Canada Business Network keep a record of this data]. Look for something that you can exploit as a growth in the number of children or planning a cross-country race. So you will know that a children’s bicycle store would be more profitable than an adult bicycle store. ”

Know your competition

Business directories, industry knowledge and web searches ( Industry Canada is a good source) contain information about your competition. Or you can discover it for yourself. “Go to a competitor pretending to be a customer and learn more about the services offered, how customers and complaints are handled and how they use social media,” says Eversfield. Google Alerts can also help you track your competitors, trends, target markets, and more. ”

Action plan

You have done due diligence in doing your research. What should you do now? “It’s all about feasibility,” says Mark Eversfield. Normally you will have a better sense of what you need to do. »Use your new knowledge to complete your business plan ( LivePlan is a good online resource), select your site, adjust your product as needed, order inventory, purchase equipment, hire employees and choose a publicity campaign.

“Market research is your plan,” says Eversfield. It’s about matching your ideas to the market, or modifying them to get there, and then finding the environment in which your ideas will be successful. Market research is an argument for starting a business. Sometimes you have an argument. Other times, you do not have one. ”
Take from time to do a market study allows to minimize the potential headache. This is a good reason to do it.