Body guards are trained to offer maximum security to their clients. They are employed by the rich and the famous celebrities, politician and CEO’s of multinational companies. Sometimes bodyguards are also hired to offer protection to ordinary citizens if they fear that their life could be under threat.

A body guard accompanies their clients at all times and offers protection which is either obvious or completely discreet. It all depends upon the situation. When a body guard is hired, the first thing they have got to do is to acquire as much information about their clients they can. This would help them devise schedules and offer protection when it is actually required.


Does a body guard work alone?

It’s not necessary that the body guard has to work alone. They may be a part of a bigger security team as well. Their main objective is to defend their client in the right way. Jump to their protection when required and use force if the situation calls for it. However the use of force is generally not acceptable. The simple aim of a bodyguard is to cover and protect their clients. They can help defend their clients from instances of kidnapping, assassination, harassment, assault or theft. A body guard offers all of the following services to their clients:

  • Be a protector
  • A driver cum bodyguard
  • Be a part of a bigger security unit which offers intelligent electronic device detection
  • Offer protection to the children of VIP’s

Body guard services by Exclusive Protection are trained to react in an agile manner if the need arises. There are certain situations which might require them to make quick yet sound decisions which would help save their client’s life. They make sure to keep an eye out for any untowardly activity. They are trained to detect even small nuances which might seem out of the ordinary. There are certain situations which might appear simple to anyone who doesn’t have the skill, yet a body guard can easily sense danger in their surroundings.

They are responsible for checking out cars for IED devices, bombs and even be on the lookout for professional shooters. On the other hand celebrities who are under the constant scrutiny of the paparazzi are also offered much needed cover. People are prevented from getting too close or too aggressive towards them.


Who do bodyguards work for?

A body guard might work for the state. They might work for a security company or they may provide individual services as well. Their clientele is pretty much varied. Some body guards serve celebrities. Others offer protection to VIP’s and there are those who are employed by the court to provide protection to ordinary individuals fearing their life.

If body guards are working as a part of a team, they may be required to perform a twelve to twenty four our shift before handing over the charge to someone else. There is a whole lot more to being a body guard. They should be prepared to work in all kinds of situations and circumstances.

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